Enter to win a $300 GC Step 2!

What would you do with $300 to spend on Step 2 items? Personally, the 1st thing I would get is the wagon that has a canopy over it and a cup holders! I saw a few people using these at the zoo last weekend and I’ve decided that I NEED one! I found an amazing giveaway hosted by The Link Fairy that I think you’ll love 🙂


Lacey’s Likes is not responsible for the fulfillment or shipment of prizes. I am not involved in this giveaway in any way. It’s just something I came across and decided to share 🙂


Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nail Gummies


Click HERE to take the Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, & Nails Challenge!



I was lucky enough to be chosen by Smiley360 to try out and share Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies. I am so excited that they are in gummy form! Most of my vitamins are in the pill form, and I really hate swallowing that many pills. These are great because I just pop out 2 and go. Even better? They taste delicious! It says they are strawberry flavored, but I think it’s more of a Strawberries N’ Cream. Plus, the inside of these are slightly textured, which I love.

Look at how much Biotin is included! 833% your daily value!



I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my nails! They are growing so much faster and they don’t “peel” as much. As for my hair (which is already super long; almost to my butt) I notice that it’s a lot more shiny and it seems to be a little thicker (which I have a HUGE problem with. My hair has been thinning out since I had my daughter in 2010),

Overall, I will definitely continue to take these as part of my daily regime. I’ll give an update if anything changes or I see any significant differences!


The absentee blogger

So…life has been extremely crazy the past (2) months. I was on vacation (cruise in the Bahamas…amazing), my entire family had the flu twice, I had 4 rounds of kidney stones and a UTI, blah blah blah. But I’m back & I promise to try harder! 


Free Gold Nail Polish from Julep & Enter to win a year subscription to Julep Maven!!

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March 2013 Birchbox #1

IMG_20140307_161329 (2)

I hadn’t even realized my Birchbox had shipped when I found it in the mailbox a few days ago! I love surprises in the mailbox 😀

I am very excited about my first box this month! (I subscribe to 2, but I haven’t gotten the other one yet). Here’s a closer look at what I got:


The first item is from Gilchrist & Soames London Collection Body Lotion. I like the smell. It’s very subtle so you can easily wear it with other scents (i.e. perfume) without clashing. It soaks in quite nicely and leaves my skin feeling very soft. I’ll be saving this for later in the spring or summer when my skin isn’t quite so extremely dry. While it’s a good moisturizer, it not geared towards very dry skin. Full size is $16 for 8 oz. My generous sample was 1.5 oz making it worth $3

The second product is one that I’ve gotten quite a few times, and don’t mind seeing it again. It’s the Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave In Conditioner. It smells SO good and works very well to detangle my super long hair. I also like to use this on my 3 year olds hair. She wakes up every single day with tangles in her hair. The full size $21.95 for 8 oz. My sample doesn’t state the size, but it looks to be about 1 oz, so it’s worth about $2.75

Next is something I’m very excited to see! The Coola Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face. I’m going on a cruise to the Bahamas next month (I actually won this trip, and I’ll definitely be reviewing my experience) so this is perfect for my trip! I’ve heard so many great things about Coola. It also says that it’s a BB Cream so it just makes it that much better! I’m not sure how much makeup I’m going to want to wear while in the Bahamas since it’s so hot. I think this may be the perfect product for me Yay! Full size is $36 for 1.7 oz. My sample is .17 oz worth $3.60


Next up is Tea Forte minteas. The flavor I received is Lemongrass Yuzu. I’ve gotten these  before in Ginger Pear. Now, I love tea and I usually love anything mint, but these are just gross (both flavors). It just tastes medicine-y with a mint after taste. These are $9.95 for a 3 pack. I received 1 full size tin worth $3.32

Harvey Prince Cherie Blossom is the last sample from my box. I am a huge Harvey Prince fan so I was actually hoping to see this in one of my boxes eventually. While it’s not terrible, it’s my least favorite Harvey Prince scent. It’s a little more musky than their other scents. I was definitely hoping for more of a clean smell (more like BBW). Full size is $55 for .50 ml The vial doesn’t have a size on it, so I can’t price it out. But I can say that I really like their vial samples. They have a spray pump (so much better than having to dab it on) and for a perfume vial, it’s they’re pretty big. While they’re the same height as the Juicy Couture samples, they’re much wider around.

Ghiradelli Intense Dark Cherry Tango was a bonus item, It was absolutely delicious! I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but I love cherry, so it  was right up my alley. It’s full of cherry and almond pieces making it super yummy! I’m definitely going to have to pick up some! Since it’s a bonus item & not even sold at Birchbox, I’m not including it in my box total.

I love this box! Yes, the mints are gross and I didn’t like the perfume (but I really wanted to try it, so I’m still happy I got it), But I will definitely use everything else. Who knows, maybe the perfume will grow on me…

Not including the chocolate or the perfume, I came up with a value of $12.67. Not the highest valued box, but that doesn’t always matter to me. For me, it’s all about trying new products.

You can subscribe to Birchbox here:https://www.birchbox.com/invite/lgrwg 

*I paid for this subscription myself and was not compensated in any way. All opinions are my own*

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box February 2014


FedEx dropped off my very first Fancy box this morning! It’s the Jennifer Love Hewitt box for February. I got the shipment notification 2 days ago & according to FedEx it only weighed .04 lbs. So, when the driver handed it to me I was expecting something super light. Much to my surprise it was quite heavy  🙂

Her theme this month is Movie Night.

JLHFancy214.2$30 Movie Icons: 365 Day-By-Day

The first thing in the box was a book. At first I thought it might be dated since it says it covers ‘A Year in Pictures’ 365 days. But I was very happy to find out that while there are dates (Jan 1, etc) there is no year like there would be in a calendar. It’s full of pictures, quotes, and facts about different movies. There’s even a bookmark built in so you can keep track of where you left off. This is the exact reason I subscribe to various boxes! Getting things that I know I’ll love (or have the perfect person to gift it to) but I would have never bought myself. The hard part is deciding if I’m going to keep it or save it for my sisters birthday. Don’t get me wrong, I love movies, but she is someone I would consider a true movie buff.

JLHFancy214.3 $29.95 Mixing Pitcher with Hawthorne Strainer

JLH says she chose this item because it’s just the right size to mix 2 drinks. Perfect for a movie/date night. This is something I don’t have, and I know my hubby will be excited to try it out.


$12 Drifter Socks by Richer Poorer

“There’s nothing like cozying up on the couch to watch your favorite movie or TV show. Kick back in these adorable socks”! JLH

These look like they’re going to be too big for me, so I’ll probably pass them on to my husband. I’m glad that they’re in a design he can wear!


$4 CC Made Classic Caramel Corn

Included since it’s JLH’s favorite movie night snack. And while I’m not overly obsessed with all things natural, I do have to say I’m pleased that I actually know and can pronounce every single ingredient!

Overall I am very happy with this box. It’s a fun theme and I’m not disappointed with any of the items. The value of the box was $75.95 and including shipping I paid $43.05. I almost didn’t subscribe to the Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy box, but now I have to say I’m quite happy that I did.

*I paid for this subscription myself and was not compensated in any way. All opinions are my own*

My New Subscription Additions

So, to make up for canceling all my subscriptions a few months ago, I went a little crazy! Here is an up to date list of all my subscriptions:

Birchbox, Ipsy, POPSUGAR, MercoBox, Fancy Box, Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box, Tyler Florence Fancy Box, Coco Rocha Fancy Box, Jordin Sparks Quarterly, POPSUGAR Resort Special Edition, and Fab Fit Fun (I think that’s all).

Can’t wait to start receiving them 😀