Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box February 2014


FedEx dropped off my very first Fancy box this morning! It’s the Jennifer Love Hewitt box for February. I got the shipment notification 2 days ago & according to FedEx it only weighed .04 lbs. So, when the driver handed it to me I was expecting something super light. Much to my surprise it was quite heavy  🙂

Her theme this month is Movie Night.

JLHFancy214.2$30 Movie Icons: 365 Day-By-Day

The first thing in the box was a book. At first I thought it might be dated since it says it covers ‘A Year in Pictures’ 365 days. But I was very happy to find out that while there are dates (Jan 1, etc) there is no year like there would be in a calendar. It’s full of pictures, quotes, and facts about different movies. There’s even a bookmark built in so you can keep track of where you left off. This is the exact reason I subscribe to various boxes! Getting things that I know I’ll love (or have the perfect person to gift it to) but I would have never bought myself. The hard part is deciding if I’m going to keep it or save it for my sisters birthday. Don’t get me wrong, I love movies, but she is someone I would consider a true movie buff.

JLHFancy214.3 $29.95 Mixing Pitcher with Hawthorne Strainer

JLH says she chose this item because it’s just the right size to mix 2 drinks. Perfect for a movie/date night. This is something I don’t have, and I know my hubby will be excited to try it out.


$12 Drifter Socks by Richer Poorer

“There’s nothing like cozying up on the couch to watch your favorite movie or TV show. Kick back in these adorable socks”! JLH

These look like they’re going to be too big for me, so I’ll probably pass them on to my husband. I’m glad that they’re in a design he can wear!


$4 CC Made Classic Caramel Corn

Included since it’s JLH’s favorite movie night snack. And while I’m not overly obsessed with all things natural, I do have to say I’m pleased that I actually know and can pronounce every single ingredient!

Overall I am very happy with this box. It’s a fun theme and I’m not disappointed with any of the items. The value of the box was $75.95 and including shipping I paid $43.05. I almost didn’t subscribe to the Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy box, but now I have to say I’m quite happy that I did.

*I paid for this subscription myself and was not compensated in any way. All opinions are my own*

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