February 2014 POPSUGAR Must Have


I have a love/hate relationship with the POPSUGAR Must Have box. I subscribed when their very first box came out and I’ve unsubbed and signed back up a few times. Some of my all-time favorite boxes have come from them as well as some huge disappointments. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten one, but I had to sign up again after I saw the 1/2 off code last month. I got my box yesterday and I’m not sure if I’m going to cancel (again) or not.  Here’s a breakdown of what was inside:


Gorjana Brooks Jewelry Roll ~$45


I was actually really excited for  a jewelry roll. I won a cruise for 4 to the Bahamas last year and we’ll be going in April, so this will come in handy. However, I still feel my necklaces and bracelets could get tangled up in the pockets so I’ll still be using the straw method (putting your jewelry through a bendy straw to prevent it from tangling). I’ll just cut the straws down so that they fit in the zippered pockets. I do feel the jewelry roll will help to protect everything though.


Gorjana-Griffin GC ~$25


NCLA Nail Polish in Rodeo Drive Royalty ~$16


Personally, I just really don’t care for red nail polish. It’s just not for me.


K Hall Designs Peony Travel Candle ~$11


I absolutely love candles! I was super excited to see a candle included this month. The scent is Peony and I’m not that big into flower scents. I’m more of a fresh (clean linen, blue waters) or fruity kind of girl. That being said, I was still pretty impressed with this candle. It’s only 2oz , but when I opened it to take a whiff, I swear I was smelling a bouquet of fresh cut flowers! I am really impressed with the strength of the scent!


Nourish Organic Pure Hydrating Argan Face Serum  ~$23.99


So far, I am really liking this! It feels more to me like a face oil than a serum. Which, is pretty perfect right now since I’ll take all the moisturizing I can get. Winter has totally dried out my skin this year.


ModelCo Lips Pops Duo Lip Gloss an LipStick ~$16


I couldn’t find this on the ModelCo site sold individually; only as a set of 3 for $49. The  color of the lipstick definitely doesn’t work for me, but i like the gloss. It actually smells really, really good!


SugarWish Mini Red Cinnamon Hearts ~$7.50


I love cinnamon heart candy! Although I would never pay $25 a lb for it (seriously?) We got a 1/4 lb of this delicious stuff and I just love how it’s packaged! Also included was a 20% off code, but that’s still pretty pricey for some candy IMO.


Dial Soap Vital Boost Body Wash ~$3


I know a lot of people were pretty unhappy to see this in the box this month. It was labeled on the card as a ‘Special Extra’ so I’m not complaining. I like how it smells and I’m willing to try it out. If I don’t like it, I’ll just pass it along to my husband who’s not as picky about these things or just put it in the guest bathroom.


Overall, I paid $20 and got $147.49 worth of stuff. Not too bad; I think it was a decent box. All of the shades/scents weren’t my favorite, but isn’t that the point of subscription boxes? Trying out things you wouldn’t necessarily buy yourself?

If you want to subscribe , there is a $10 off code right now: BOX10 (expires 2/25) http://popsu.gr/pKwA

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